WARNING: This is an old version of Mobi.css, please checkout http://getmobicss.com to get the latest version!

Mobi.css - v1.1.0

A lightweight, flexible css framework that focus on mobile.


English | 简体中文


  • Only 3.6kb after gzipped, less than Skeleton, Pure.css and Bootstrap v4, etc
  • Heavy use of flexbox, super flexible, less than 10 lines of custom style in the official site
  • Focus on mobile, show mobile pages in desktop with a sidebar on the left or right

Getting started

You can download Mobi.css in this page, then use dist/mobi.min.css for the compressed version.

Or use cdnjs:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mobi.css/1.1.0/mobi.min.css" />

Or use npm to install:

npm install --save mobi.css

You can also build Mobi.css to your project if you are using Sass:

@import 'mobi.css/src/mobi';

Be sure you have added node_modules to your Sass’s load_paths.

Browser Support


  • [x] Last 5 iOS versions


  • [x] Last 5 Android versions
  • [x] Last 5 ChromeAndroid versions
  • [x] Last 5 UCAndroid versions (*)
  • [x] Last 5 FirefoxAndroid versions (*)
  • [x] Last 5 OperaMobile versions (*)
  • [x] Last 5 OperaMini versions (*)
  • [x] Last 5 Samsung versions (*)


  • [x] Last 3 Chrome versions
  • [x] Last 3 Firefox versions
  • [x] Last 3 Safari versions
  • [x] Last 3 Edge versions
  • [x] Last 5 ExplorerMobile versions (*)


  • Use Autoprefixer to ensure Mobi.css works on all major mobile devices
  • Browsers query comes from Browserslist
  • Browsers marked as (*) were not well tested, but they should work fine

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